How to be a good writer?

// Опубликовано: June 19, 2019 автор: Balamy Jones

The big simplifier

It is in the nature of Internet marketing to want to show its best side. Authenticity is not always included.

The advertising

Some ghostwriting agencies are trying to give their customers a polished image of their service. In this picture, everything is very simple, everything is fast and inexpensive, customers are promised the highest quality at low prices, the agencies are not satisfied with the provision of writing services, but are also a kind of paternal adviser to their customers.

If one asks oneself, which type of customer is to be won with this advertisement, then it turns out fast: The preferred customer groups of such agencies are apparently first semester, which have a somewhat naive view on the things and are clearly dependent on life support. Buddy, adoring advertising only shows that the companies have it on a very naive clientele apart, which can promise a lot, which requires little and in case of doubt, does not require a complaint of a poor service.

The facts

Agencies that do more business to their business than focus on high-quality work rarely have the resources to deal with individual jobs – the quality of service is often at odds with adornment and the authors suffer under permanent overload.

Scientific work can not be produced on a production line but is the result of individual effort, complex planning and tailor-made solutions to problems. Anyone who suggests to his customers that they are an all-inclusive carefree service provider and at the same time in the low-priced sector, can hardly meet the expectations: Even with a superficial view of the highly competitive ghostwriting market is striking that an agency can compete only in one field – either quality or Price. Those who try both will disappoint their customers.

Agencies that take the concerns of their customers seriously, will hold back with a blanket guarantee of success and instead point out that just complex scientific work is not child’s play, which can be handled with pen and whiteboard.

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