Master the career entry

// Опубликовано: June 12, 2019 автор: Balamy Jones

Graduates see themselves after their exams usually well prepared for the entry into the labor market. Frequently, however, it shows that theory and practice differ widely.

The wild

While today’s studies are usually very calculable and have many similarities with the previously obtained education – there is talk of a “schooling” of the study – the working life is often different. This starts with the respective corporate culture. to study

Difficult start

In most cases, starting a career requires a series of letters of application to inform about the candidate’s qualifications and strengths. Not everyone who performs well during their studies is also in a position to promote themselves. For the cover letter is always a balancing act intended to avoid two abysses: exaggerated modesty can turn out to be just as false as a demonstrative self-assurance, which is sometimes perceived as arrogance.

The conditions

In order to actually master the career start, a change in thinking is often necessary: ​​In contrast to the more theoretical study, in practice often more concessions are made to the quality: The job has to be done quickly, there is not enough time for optimal processing proves to be unfeasible for cost reasons.

While studying was a longer-term, organic process, working life is more often improvised and not always planned with the necessary care. The pressure to perform, which may be much higher than in college, is a stress test. But those who master the first few weeks, emerge strengthened from this process and can then bring in over time his study experience to make the structures and processes at the workplace in such a way that the work is gradually easier: With the exercise is routine one that helps to carry out future work faster, better and more efficiently.

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