The error analysis in ghostwriting

// Опубликовано: June 14, 2019 автор: Balamy Jones

Although ghostwriters and their customers are anxious to avoid communicative and content problems, this is not always possible. However, experience, honesty and transparency help to reduce and quickly resolve such difficulties.

Causes of problems

Based on experience – and without any claim to completeness – the following causes of problems can be identified:

Lack of communication: The customer presupposes things that he has worked out for himself and which appear to him natural, without being communicated to the mind.

Defective Basics: The customer provides the ghostwriter with a piece of work that he has created himself. After careful examination, it turns out that this text has wrong assumptions or a little useful methodology.

Misunderstandings: Even ghostwriters are only people who find it difficult for some clients to recognize a clear conceptual line: This applies to very silent as well as extremely talkative customers, from whose statements first the most important points must be worked out.

Changes in the framework conditions: This occurs when the customer wants to change the work abruptly, expand or even reorient thematically.

Ideological impact: Even today’s science is not free from ideology or the supposedly “desirable” results. If the research situation contradicts such results, reputable ghostwriters will refer to this fact and develop possible solutions.

Openness as the key to the solution

Whatever the problem, it is usually worthwhile to openly address the issue and eliminate it before it can poison large parts of the work. Reputable ghostwriters will always be ready to acknowledge their own mistakes and fix them quickly. If the customers behave the same way, the chances for the success of the communication – and the delivery of a coherent, substantial and successful text – are best.

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