The “University of Google”

// Опубликовано: June 15, 2019 автор: Balamy Jones

The question of the effects of omnipresent access to large stocks of knowledge is precisely those institutions that deal with research and teaching: What are the consequences for the acquisition of knowledge?

As you know, today you “google” when you need information – from a simple cooking recipe to instructions for configuring your home computer network.

Too simple?

Entering a search term takes only a few seconds until the first results are delivered. The bookcase, so the consequence, can be emptied, knowledge does not require more space than that on an SSD or hard drive, no more infrastructure than that of a computer with Internet access and no more effort than entering a search term.

Although no comprehensive scientific statements about the concrete effects can be made yet, it is becoming apparent that the new methodology has left its mark: knowledge no longer has to be worked through or tracked down to the library, but can be consumed directly and conveniently, among them There is also the form of a “showering”, for example, when watching Youtube instructional videos.

The price of convenience

What lies behind the brave new world of images and like-buttons, is the commercial urge of large companies, who first offer such links in the individual recommendations that have already proved to be successful with other site visitors. And these are usually not those on which deeper thought processes are found, but those that rely on emotions. Analytical and systematic thinking requires calm and concentration and thus stands in stark contrast to the fast-paced and hyper-linked world of the net, which also allows the simple “copy and paste”, which also takes longer passages in your own work – but then just as easily found as plagiarism can be. All in all, it is to be feared that the scientific enterprise will continue to be flattened, or that the network will fool us with a science that hardly has anything to do with actual research.

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