What to include in a paraphrasing essay A paraphrasing essay requires remarkable attention when being done. There are a few things to consider. They include;

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FormattingThis is very important when paraphrasing, for sure. You have to make sure it is done properly. A good essay should be well-researched, logically written, and free of any grammatical mistakes. Another crucial element to include is the font, especially the the kind that works best for you and the essay. Choosing your font involves a lot of research, as these two are not only font styles, but they also directly play a big role in how your content will look and flow. Hence we need to pay quite a bit of attention to which font is best for this. For starters, font is not static, especially in a paper with long sentences. It is always in motion. Therefore, each sentence should be in its proper font, consistently, and also with consistency. This means you should start with a new font every time you are changing a word or two in a sentence. The goal here is to make sure the text is easy to read and to ensure you are content for whatever sentence follows. Also, when you are paraphrasing, make sure you make sure that each paragraph’s language is consistently the same as well, including whether the word comes before or after the other. Lastly, your essay should always start with a different font every time it is paraphrased. Sentence ConstructionWhen paraphrasing, the first thing you should make sure is that you put your sentences in their proper sentences. Where you had used passive voice the last time you were paraphrasing, you have to make sure it stays the same here. The main thing to remember is that it should be a real sentence, not something you used as a passive voice to talk about a fact, for example; l saw a car some time ago. It is important to make sure you have the original sentence on the other side of the paper. Secondly, make sure that each of your sentences has a logical flow; start with a new topic sentence and then sort of make sure to have each sentence connect to the next as a sentence: Therefore, at the start of your essay, put down the topic sentence, sentence one, sentence two, sentence three, and so on. This works to make your sentences definite and clear. The trick then is to always have a topic sentence before each of the others. Also, connect all sentences, whether they are long or short, with a transition. TransitionsWhen paraphrasing, you should always make sure that each sentence is different and distinct from the other. This helps to keep your content logical and allows you to keep your reader engaged. Always make sure the transitions are short, and this also works to make the paper easy to read and understand, making it very easy to see the message you are trying to get across. Sentence ClosingWhen paraphrasing, always make sure you put down the ending sentence. Ensure you write the ending sentence first but choose to move to the second sentence, which should then connect to it. The only change that you have to make is to make sure you put the ending last in both the sentences, and always place it before the voice of the author. The above is a very important guideline. Make sure to apply it regularly when paraphrasing your essays.

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